Bill Leach (CEO & Owner)

My wife and I love to travel! You can find us in various parts of the world at any given time: Europe, Asia, Philippines, Mexico, South America, Caribbean, South Pacific (there is a lot left to explore & we have the passports ready at all times!) When stateside, we are proud of and passionate about our blended family which includes 6 children and 11 beautiful grandchildren. Always thinking about heath and fitness, my wife Frances and I enjoy exercising, gardening and numerous other outdoors activities.

At work, I am the QOL Team Leader… the mentor… the one with the ideas… some of which are listened to! (At least that’s what our staff tells me).

I am passionate about the Green Story that QOL represents. Here’s the evolution of my career:

  • Graduated from the University of California, Davis in 1976 (Anthropology/Archaeology with lots of geology and earth sciences)
  •  Starting working in Office Furniture operations while attending college (1971pc… Pre-Cubicle)
  •  Upon graduation, I continued my furniture industry career in the Bay Area as a sales associate (veto grad-school as I was married with a baby)
  •  In the early 80’s my office furniture career quickly advanced by establishing business relationships with many of the emerging companies in early Silicon Valley
  • Beginning in the mid-80’s I worked for a major Steelcase dealer in San Jose and got my start in the liquidation side of the business as part of a 2,000-office new furniture sale that included a “buy back” of existing furniture which I executed
  • In 1991 I left “the corporate world” and established the W.K. Leach Company to focus my energy on the pre-owned industry that was quickly evolving
  • In 2004 I established Quality Office Liquidations at the current location – Port of Stockton, to establish warehousing and distribution of quality pre-owned furniture in Northern California

I am building a tremendous team to accommodate your projects of any size… your private home office to complete facilities. Come and experience just how it feels to heard and helped.

Janiece Todd Parsons (Interior Designer/Allied ASID, CID)

Let’s talk about what’s important! First and foremost, I’m a grandma…. “Gigi” to my two adorable grandkids. They, along with my daughter, are my life. We have a baby Golden Retriever (is there anything cuter?) that rounds out our family. Never a dull moment!

When I am not designing my client’s offices at QOL, you can find me elbow deep in either good southern cooking or enjoying a large variety of arts and crafts hobbies including cardmaking and scrapbooking.

Oh, yeah, I have almost 30 years of professional design experience…blah…blah…blah. College degree, massive commercial and residential projects under my belt. You get it…

Life took me away from the Northern California area for 12 years but now I am back and anxious to help you enjoy the benefits of my creativity, knowledge and sincere desire to create quality office solutions for you.

QOL is your best choice for your project! Come and let me show you what that can mean for you and your company!

Patsy Friends (Sales Consultant)

Music and family! From my earliest memories, those have been the two main stays of my life. My family was musical growing up so much so that I named after the great Patsy Kline! Well, what would you expect from a family that has Merle Haggard as a distant cousin! Carrying on that tradition, my son, Noe Palma has just had his hit country song go national! I have 6 kids (the Brady bunch- yours and mine) … and 14 grandchildren. The zoo is rounded out with our 2 fur babies, a Lab named Sundance and a little dog with a big breed name, Tiny the Belgian Malionis!

When I am not out seeing, selling and servicing my clients at QOL, you can find me traveling the planet seeing new places, meeting people and exploring new cultures!

My professional life has been award winning sales…. Real Estate, Insurance, Automobiles and now my new favorite…. Office Furnishings!

It is my sincere desire to help you, my client, get just want you need to make your workplace perfect for you.

Mike Capello (Swiss Army Knife)

Designer, installer, project manager, sales consultant, engineer, “Mr. Fixit”.  After 25 years in the office furniture industry Mike has “seen it all” and done “most of it”.  Today, Mike’s role at QOL is primarily in design and technical support.  He typically acts as the conduit between our clients needs and providing solutions base on our available inventories.  He regularly supports our sales staff in client meetings and can also be found at his desk doing CAD drawings or in the shop advising on how to modify products for today’s applications.

When not working, Mike enjoys golf, fishing, auto racing,  his grandson and his beloved Oakland As.

Allison Soria  (Customer & Sales Support)

What am I all about? I enjoy spending time with family, with my son at the top of my list. You can find me visiting new places, and cooking it up in the kitchen. Not to be too boastful… but I DO make a mean dish of ceviche, if I do say so myself. I cook, I clean, I shop! I am woman! I’m one crunchy mama…. I love healthy food stores, natural remedies and essential oils! Find me out nature on a hike and you will find me with a big smile on my face.

I have worked in the field of customer service for 8 over years and enjoyed it every step of the way. As I learn more about the role I play here at QOL I am inspired to be the best I can be.


Kevin Milton (Sales Consultant)

Kevin brings a strong background in customer support and problem solving.  After nearly 20 years in the “paper” industry, he has joined QOL and quickly  learned our business and industry.  With the support of the QOL design and technical team, Kevin is actively developing and supporting a broad customer base.

When not pursueing and following up on “deals” Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends.  He is also a connoisseur of fine automobiles.

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