New action tightens LEED wood requirements

LEED compliance comes from knowing which resources are allowable. There's variation even among a single type of material, like wood, and changing standards can make it difficult for some businesses to keep up. In a recent press release, the United States Green Building Council announced that it has adjusted its requirements to allow for certified wood use in approved buildings. [...]

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USGBC: Lower Operating Costs Seen In Some Green Buildings

LEED certification applies all around the world, and businesses in several countries are seeing the benefits. The United States Green Building Council recently looked at some of the advantages of "going green," according to a Dodge Data & Analytics report. As the global index noted, the most widely recognized benefit was "lower operating costs," including those associated with lifecycles. Approximately 69 [...]

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What Does It Take to Make a ‘Biophilic’ Office?

In construction, "biophilia" refers to the way human beings respond positively to nature. It should go without saying that this can mesh well with green office solutions, as companies create spaces that feel organic and reduce environmental impact. Everyone wants to have a high-performing, happy workforce. But what does biophilia really entail, and how can companies reap the benefits? A good [...]

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The Platinum Difference: Why You Should Pursue The Highest LEED Rating

The LEED rating system offers four different certification levels, the highest of which is Platinum. To qualify for this standard, projects have to earn at least 80 points based on the various energy-related credits they work toward. The second highest level, Gold, requires between 60 and 79 points and still represents a major achievement. While many may try to create [...]

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4 Areas Where Social Responsibility Makes a Difference

Companies that choose green office solutions have a greater impact on the overall community than they might realize. Planning for the best option means accounting for the way they could increase the business's level of social responsibility. With so many major companies looking for ways to save money and spread tasks across the world, the most committed ones will stay [...]

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Urban Offices Can Contribute To Environmental Friendliness

In an article for GreenBiz, Hallie Kennan and Chris Busch of Energy Innovation discussed the impact of city environments that push for energy efficiency. Because of the way downtown urban locations attract major businesses, companies have multiple ways to contribute to and benefit from a greener urban location. Office management could notice these benefits within their own workforce, as well as [...]

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California Makes LEED Top 10 List for 2015

Last month, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) released the most recent results of its state-by-state rankings for LEED use. California, a member of last year's list, ranked seventh, above Texas, Utah and Virginia. The Golden State accounted for more than 87 million gross square feet of certified space and 618 approved projects. Even though this put it lower [...]

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