Using Only What You Need Through Custom Furniture Services

When companies have too many office products on their hands, including furniture, they could face a waste problem. They have to consider both how to store the excess materials and whether to use or dispose of them later on. The way they do so may also contribute to the size of the company's carbon footprint. As such, CalRecycle recommends a simple [...]

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Quality Office Liquidations to send personnel to NEOCON 2016

This month, QOL's own Jim Turner and Mike Calello will attend the NEOCON even in Chicago. The convention will run from June 13 to 15, and has been a significant commercial design show for nearly 50 years, according to the official event site. Jim and Mike will join the group of around 50,000 other professionals who come to learn about the [...]

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Personal Computing Can Change Office Design Needs

Every office has its own unique policies. Some companies still work primarily with desktop computers, while others are embracing a freer style that encourages users to bring their own devices. If your company is taking this approach, you have to consider whether you have the right quality office furniture to keep employees comfortable and productive. PSFK recently examined the ways [...]

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Are Office Furniture Sales On The Rise?

An article for MiBiz recently referred to positive changes within office furniture industry, according to information cited from the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association and IHS Global Insight. Last month, these sources predicted a growth in furniture shipments that will exceed $10 billion by the end of the year, and the source says that shipments within the first three [...]

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7 LEED Certification Tips

Is your building LEED ready? Here are some factors to note about the rating system to help you get certified: Region: Recently, the USGBC introduced credits for green building practices that take into account area-specific concerns. For example, buildings in the southern, sunnier part of the state can get bonuses for utilizing solar panels. Indoor environment: The program awards points [...]

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Knoll D’Urso Swivel Lounge Chairs

D’Urso Swivel Chair Joseph Paul D’Urso 2008 The D’Urso Swivel Chair strikes a playful balance between formality and whimsy,offering a modern twist on the classic cocktail lounge chair.

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Knoll toothpick Cactus Table

Lawrence Laske In 1993, Laske designed the Saugaro and Toothpick Cactus Tables for Knoll. Inspired by nature, this whimsical table collection was based upon simple, organic forms rendered from natural materials.

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Cubicle vs. Open Office Debate Gains Steam

Judging by the image most people have of the typical modern IT company, from Facebook and Google to countless startups, it seems like cubicles are a thing of the past in today's offices. Open layouts have gradually taken over, with about 70 percent of all American offices now using them, according to a study from the International Facility Management Association [...]

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Making Coffee In The Office: More Complex Than It Seems

For many, making the morning (or afternoon, or evening) coffee in the office is a well-worn daily ritual, and technology has evolved to make it simpler to do so. However, even though making coffee can be a matter of just loading the Keurig machine and pressing a button, there are other concerns related to it that every office worker should [...]

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‘Living Offices’ Look To Inject Life Into Cubicle Culture

Although many offices in recent years have attempted to reimagine what the workspace looks like, the idea of breaking down the standard used office cubicle look goes back as far as the 1990's, as an article for The Economist points out. The source also references a modern-day firm, Herman Miller, which emphasizes the idea of a "living office," a place [...]

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