Making Feasible Reuse Choices For Your Office

Office furniture reuse can encompass large changes and smaller ones. Quartz recently looked at a search engine that spotlights different offices around the world. One of the more elaborate examples include shipping containers transformed into workspaces. With "reuse" such a hot topic in office design, the question arises: what makes a practical choice for your business? The ideal green office [...]

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Personal Computing Can Change Office Design Needs

Every office has its own unique policies. Some companies still work primarily with desktop computers, while others are embracing a freer style that encourages users to bring their own devices. If your company is taking this approach, you have to consider whether you have the right quality office furniture to keep employees comfortable and productive. PSFK recently examined the ways [...]

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Singapore Apartment Building Wins International Recognition

An ambitious building in Singapore has received an important international award, in part because of its green-friendly principles and construction. Ole Scheeran of the Office of Metropolitan Architecture accepted the award at a gala event held as part of the World Architecture Festival, triumphing in a field of nearly 340 finalist projects. With a striking appearance, the Interlace not only [...]

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