New directory promotes wood reuse in North America

As this blog has discussed multiple times, wood is one of the materials that can contribute to sustainable purchasing credit under LEED. For offices that want certification, it's worth purchasing items that are composed of at least 50 percent Forest Stewardship Certified wood. However, any business can benefit from access to high-quality wood materials. To make locating sustainable wood easier, [...]

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Are Your LEED-Approved Office Chairs Ready For Extreme Use?

The LEED standard contains special provisions for projects that include reused materials and resources. Used office seating can play a part in this process, as offices select previously owned chairs and have them adjusted to meet their standards and preferences. However, locally sourced furniture also has to be strong enough to withstand long periods of use. While the phrase "extreme [...]

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New Update Shows August LEED Trends

Seeing the widespread use of the LEED standard may spur businesses on to consider it for themselves, and that can include more mindful use of furniture sources. The United States Green Building Council recently featured an update on LEED use as of last month, listing construction statistics, certification patterns and the amount of square feet granted LEED status around the [...]

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QOL Contributes To San Francisco ArtSpan Space

Quality Office Liquidations (QOL) recently helped furnish a unique San Francisco creative space. For artists in the city, ArtSpan has provided exhibition spaces for decades, accommodating more than 800 artists and building an engaged creative community. It's a mission that reflects QOL's values, and we are happy to provide area dividers for one of the organization's spaces. As of this [...]

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UK Report Demonstrates Benefits Of Furniture Reuse

Green office solutions are not just important for businesses in the United States, and a report from the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in the United Kingdom recently asserted the large role that reusing furniture can play in cutting down on needless trash. According to this document, furniture makes up for more than 40 [...]

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Using LEED To Reinvent Communities

The LEED certification for green buildings is useful not only for individual structures, but for the communities that house them as well. Offices that use locally sourced quality office furniture can improve their workspaces while helping out area businesses that need to liquidate their inventory and place it in a new home. Following LEED guidelines can lead to stronger overall [...]

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Law Offices Can Make A Resource-Friendly Change To Cubicles

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on one law firm, Paul Hastings LLP,  that is exploring a new way of arranging its workers within its New York City office. The "open office" plan has been in vogue for years now, especially with startups and other companies wanting an energetic feel. For some industries, though, making the switch to this style [...]

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