USGBC Retiring Some Versions of LEED

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) recently reported on some important upcoming dates for various versions of different LEED systems. Starting June 27, several older compliance rating structures will be retired, meaning that their project applications will only be received for a limited amount of time over the next few months. One of the ranking systems among those being [...]

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Get Rid Of Extra Furniture The Right Way With Liquidation

Problems can arise when offices don't know how to correctly and efficiently handle older furniture when it's time to discard it. By working with qualified Northern California used office furniture liquidation specialists, businesses can solve their surplus office equipment issues and avoid some of the more damaging (and illegal) ways that people try to get rid of their office equipment. [...]

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What Goes Into EPA-Friendly Office Furniture?

If your office wants to use recycled or remanufactured furniture, you may be on the way to satisfaction and better energy savings already. However, what does furniture made from reused content actually consist of on a material level? More importantly, what does the government expect such items to be composed of? It's easy enough to buy a chair from a [...]

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Remanufacturing And Reuse Increase Furniture Life Span

The "life span" of a piece of furniture doesn't have to end when one office is done using it: with the proper steps, it can provide satisfaction for an extended period of time. Don't fall under the misconception that your favorite desk or chair needs to be discarded when it could be repurposed somehow, as this could lead to accumulated [...]

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Choose Truly Sustainable Office Products

There are some misconceptions about which products are really the best for office use and a business' overall carbon footprint. A chair, workstation or office desk that appears to be environmentally-friendly could be simply the product of great hype. Truly sustainable products do have an impact, though, and the American Sustainable Business Council outlined some of them in a recent [...]

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Does Office Location Influence Reuse?

Many factors impact a business' attempt to achieve high LEED status. While planners and managers might assume that exposure to natural elements like sun and wind could play a role, geographical location also affects access to reusable materials. If your company is in a prime place to obtain durable used office furniture, taking advantage of this could lead to tangible [...]

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Quality Office Liquidations Partners With Maker Education Initiative

Quality Office Liquidations Inc. (QOL) has partnered with the Maker Education Initiative, or Maker Ed, a program designed to promote better educational resources for young people across the country. To help them support their staff and continue operations, QOL provided them with key office furniture for their office in Oakland, CA. Our contributions will hopefully put Maker Ed in a [...]

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Employees Could Save Energy From Their Desks By Following the DoE

Everything about working at a desk, including the desk itself, can be optimized to make sure that employees aren't wasting electricity. The Department of Energy has guidelines on its website designed to help its own desk-based employees make the most out of their surroundings and keeps costs low. These include simple things that practically anyone sitting at a desk can [...]

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Does Daylight Savings Time Really Lead To Lower Energy Use?

To ensure that the green office solutions your company uses are beneficial, it's a good idea to understand how the effects of Daylight Savings Time (DST) influences your energy use. Daylight Savings Time affects many Americans across the country, and theoretically saves a bit of energy overall because we spend less time using electrical devices at night. But Forbes contributor [...]

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Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions With Green Buildings In California

In a press release issued this past December, the California Environmental Protection Agency's Air Resources Board highlighted the results of a recent University of California Berkeley study pertaining to the way certified LEED buildings in the state have impacted the environment. According to these results, many of the more than 100 buildings surveyed achieved a positive effect on energy reduction, [...]

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