Save Water And Space With These Office Gym Tips

While some offices hold workplace yoga or workout events where everyone can participate, others are fortunate enough to have a gym on the premises. To make sure that gym and shower facilities are clean, organized and easy to access, businesses should consider how they are set up and how often they are being used. Although they sound great in theory, [...]

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California Promotes Carpet Recycling

The office carpet is easy to overlook, since it sits underneath furniture and blends into the environment. Like many other aspects of a building, carpet can play a role in building a culture of recycling within the company and teaching managers, workers and others to prefer reused goods. According to a press release from the California government, the state's [...]

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Cubicle vs. Open Office Debate Gains Steam

Judging by the image most people have of the typical modern IT company, from Facebook and Google to countless startups, it seems like cubicles are a thing of the past in today's offices. Open layouts have gradually taken over, with about 70 percent of all American offices now using them, according to a study from the International Facility Management Association [...]

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Cut Down On Office Paper Use With This Tip

Good environmental office solutions can take a long time to implement successfully, which is why it might be more effective to gradually reduce the amount of paper you use than set an unrealistic goal early on. You don't have to banish all paper goods from the workplace to keep waste levels in your company down, but you should try to [...]

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Making Coffee In The Office: More Complex Than It Seems

For many, making the morning (or afternoon, or evening) coffee in the office is a well-worn daily ritual, and technology has evolved to make it simpler to do so. However, even though making coffee can be a matter of just loading the Keurig machine and pressing a button, there are other concerns related to it that every office worker should [...]

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Could Footrests Help Office Workers Stay Active While Sitting?

Many office jobs require lots of sitting, which can cause medical problems, not to mention discomfort, if employees don't take at least some breaks for physical activity. The good news is many desks are set up so employees have space to move their feet around, at least a little bit, and foot rests can be used in creative ways to [...]

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‘Living Offices’ Look To Inject Life Into Cubicle Culture

Although many offices in recent years have attempted to reimagine what the workspace looks like, the idea of breaking down the standard used office cubicle look goes back as far as the 1990's, as an article for The Economist points out. The source also references a modern-day firm, Herman Miller, which emphasizes the idea of a "living office," a place [...]

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What Concerns Should Drive Your Office Design?

One way to approach office design is to think of the different qualities you want the whole space to have. In addition to being comfortable, are you creating a space that is healthy, durable and accessible? Planning the layout based on your target goals will help ensure that many different issues are addressed with the same solution, as managers source [...]

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Department Of Energy Releases New Lighting Standards For Buildings

Companies making a New Year's resolution for green office solutions are getting some help from the Department of Energy. Writing for the Energy Collective, scientist Noah Horowitz recently addressed changes the agency recently made to fluorescent light use standards in the United States. It has set certain requirements that will affect the way these tubular light sources are used. Because [...]

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