How To Give Holiday Gifts At Work

During festive times of the year, many offices like to get in the mood by launching gift-giving events and encouraging "Secret Santas." These activities are fun ways to brighten potentially dull office days, but they bring with them some possible questions about the appropriate items to get as presents, and how to hand them out. Fast Company contributor Brandee Sanders [...]

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The CEO’s Desk Expresses Their Personality

What you keep on your desk, and the way you organize your personal items sends a message to everyone in your office. This is true for lower-level employees as well as management, and might even be more relevant for the c-level staff. If your company's chief maintains his or her own office, the desk is likely the centerpiece of the [...]

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3 Tips To Help Your Office Recycle During Your Holiday Party

The holiday season often includes parties, which can be a major source of paper waste. But that means it's also a good time for offices to think about best practices for recycling, and the most effective ways to stay environmentally-friendly in the workplace. While some of the tactics used year-round may apply as well, there are specific things that employees [...]

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Form A Budget For Office Furniture Success

Companies looking for new quality office furniture should ask themselves what they want beforehand and create a budget to make shopping easier. Breaking down costs and looking at each piece individually will also give office managers a chance to prioritize what they really need. From there, they can turn to products by some of the highest-quality names in furniture. For [...]

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Paperless Dutch Office Powered By Natural Energy

Using multiple environmental office solutions at the same time could help encourage more mindfulness about waste and progress for a greener office in the future. Take the office of the tech company Decos in the Netherlands, for example: Not only does it boast an energy-saving design, but it has accomplished this, according to the Daily Mail, by embracing natural renewable [...]

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Study: Offices Need Energy-Conscious Workers For Success

In order for businesses to be energy efficient, it is essential to implement green office solutions and ensure that workers are mindful of them. A recent report from Julia Day and David Gunderson that appeared in Building and Environment found that office occupants need proper training to make the most of environmental solutions. When employees are properly trained in office [...]

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Improve Office Recycling In The Spirit of ‘America Recycles Day’

Last month, the nation celebrated America Recycles Day. While it's a good idea to recycle throughout the year, demonstrating your commitment to environmental initiatives can help your business match the recycling efforts of other industry contenders and stay involved with important efforts along these lines. The program, which took effect in 1997, is sponsored by the Keep America Beautiful campaign. [...]

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Instead Of Sitting Or Standing, Try The ‘Leaning’ Office

Experimental office designs have emerged recently to address the health risks of staying too long in one position while at work. Sitting for extended periods of time has been noted as unhealthy, but standing all day at a chair-less workstation has also been met with some criticism. The solution could lie in between these two styles, and a collaboration between [...]

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