Why Sustainable Design is a Cost-Effective Solution

Businesses are becoming more aware that the buildings that they work in every day may not be as efficient or environmentally-friendly as they thought. As a result, they are beginning to build spaces that use materials based on LEED or other green certification metrics. While this is an alternative many technology corporations in the Bay Area have considered, it is [...]

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Consider Environmental Office Furniture To Update Your Space This Summer

The spring season is in full swing, but before you know it, summer will be here. This means that school is out, the days are longer and people will be spending more time out and about. If your business relies on foot traffic between Memorial Day and Labor Day, investing in new and used office furniture can make a huge [...]

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The Value Of Designing With Employee Engagement In Mind

Every week, millions of people all over the world head to work. Whether the setting is a factory, restaurant or office, it is important for business owners to be mindful that their employees are able to engage with one another, as well as clients. Nowadays, the pressure is to be a lean, well-oiled machine, using applications and contractors to complete [...]

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Why Medical Waiting Rooms Are Beginning To Design Smart

People have to go doctors, but most don't want to deal with the experience that comes with it. The unnatural fluorescent lights, dated television with soap operas, and back-to-back seats with other sick patients is something not many people look forward to. Take into account that the Affordable Care Act has increased how many Americans have health insurance, and these [...]

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