How Office Design and Business Brand Correlate

Whenever a business is renovating or designing a commercial space, many things come into play. Each decision about changing the business furniture, artwork and office layout will come at a cost. One of the first things a business owner should consider is the organization's brand. How do they want their staff members to feel when they're in the office? What [...]

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How Minor Adjustments Improve Productivity

Often, when a business owner thinks of an innovative office, they consider large technology companies. However, most organizations don't have the same resources as these organizations and the fact is, they're not necessary. Architect Denise O'Connor and Smart Company contributor Melinda Oliver agree that creating an office that drives productivity is not as expensive or difficult as it may seem. [...]

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How Museums Make Temporary Installations Become Green Office Solutions

Every museum has a permanent collection of works, but every few months some exhibition spaces will make room for a traveling display or a temporary composition. What many of us might not know about these brief projects is that museum curators are already trying to give them a new home, the New York Times reported. Smaller business owners have the [...]

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Report: San Francisco Bay Area Accounts for 6 Percent Of America’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods

A number of the United States' most expensive zip codes reside in parts of the East and West Coasts, but did you know the median household of a "1 percenter" is $400,000? With this much income to go around, many of these families have the resources to purchase property in high-priced metros like Bethesda, Maryland, Coral Gables, Florida, and the [...]

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Lot Owned By Salesforce In Mission Bay Expected To Go For Sale

Four years ago, tech company Salesforce paid $278 million for 14 acres worth of land in San Francisco's Mission Bay, across the street from the University of California San Francisco campus. When Salesforce's CEO Marc Benioff announced the purchase of the land, the company planned on building headquarters that were nearly 2 million square feet, Bloomberg reporter. Despite the purchase, [...]

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EventBrite Co-Founder Says New Lease Makes Her Want To ‘Throw Up’

The Bay Area has been booming for tech businesses, but for some companies, the cost to operate in northern California is getting too high. Earlier this year, EventBrite, an online ticketing website, signed a lease for a new office space, Business Insider reported. The 300-person business has been around for more than seven years, but nowadays, it is getting "very [...]

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Design Student Curates Room With Curbside ‘Trash’

As the cost of everyday products continues to rise, many of us do our best to pinch pennies. This thriftiness should extend to re-purposing old items: once something stops serving its original purpose, it can be repaired instead of thrown into the trash. That was the point designer Paulo Goldstein was trying to get  across when he was working on [...]

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Teachers ‘Outraged’ School District Purchased New Furniture

Across the United States, school districts experience limited budgets. Time and again administrative staff members try to make the most out of resources, but teachers in Allentown, Pennsylvania felt that purchasing brand new furniture wasn't necessary. About 10 workstations and filing cabinets were purchased for secretaries who worked on the second floor in the school district's administrative building, the Express-Times [...]

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U.S. Consulate Designs LEED Certified Building In Guangzhou, China

Washington D.C. was able to provide 32.45 square feet per-capita in green office solutions, according to the U.S. Green Building Council. This is partly due to the fact that many of the district's federal buildings are going through eco-friendly renovations. Recently, the United States government took this initiative and brought it overseas to build its embassies and consulates. Last [...]

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San Francisco Proposes Citywide Bottled Water Ban

Last year, San Francisco made the controversial decision to ban plastic bags in grocery stores, which has done its part to reduce waste in waterways and landfills. Now, they are going for bigger fish: bottled water. Supervisor David Chiu, the leader of the proposal, explained that the bottled water industry is fairly new and  is causing us to add more [...]

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