Study: Employees In Open Offices Take More Sick Days

The days of cubicles may be declining, especially within Silicon Valley, but is an open floor plan all that it's cracked out to be? Last year, we talked about the benefits and limitations of an open floor workspace. Problems like a lack of noise control and privacy are a concern, but it can also be seen as environmental-friendly solution because [...]

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Colombia’s Capital Wraps Up Car-Free Week

Bicycles are beginning to make a comeback in many major metropolitan areas, but in Columbia's capital Bogota, efforts to reduce carbon emissions began in 2000. Mayor Enrique Peñalosa's "Mejor en Bici" (better on bike) initiative doesn't allow cars on any main streets or other major neighborhoods on Sundays and public holidays between 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., according to the [...]

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Museum Of Modern Art Selects ‘Bio-Brick’ Structure To House Its PS1 Program

Last year, architect David Benjamin talked about the potential to design eco-friendly bricks by reworking raw materials like plants and bacteria. It had the potential to be a green office solution, but now the technology will be put to the test, according to Fast Co. Exist. Benjamin's firm The Living was selected to design the Museum of Modern Art's seasonal [...]

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Public Housing Units In Boston Area Will Undergo A Green Recycling Renovation

As more metropolitan areas begin to kick off their green recycling projects in the United States, Siemens Building Technologies decided to give a helping hand to the Malden Housing Authority. According to a story on, the two organizations are in the midst of upgrading multiple housing units in Malden for the year; this community is about 10-15 minutes away [...]

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Why MetLife Stadium Is Deemed An Environmental Solution

They may not be considered offices for many professionals, but for players in the National Football League, stadiums are their workplace. This year's Super Bowl finished with the Seattle Seahawks dominating the Denver Broncos. While the Seahawks deserve congratulations, we would also like to applaud the National Football League for hosting the game at one of the most eco-friendly stadiums [...]

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San Francisco Bay Area Continues To Be Most Expensive Real Estate Markets

It may not come as a surprise, but living in the Bay Area costs a pretty penny. The rate of cost increase is lingering anywhere between 9 to 12 percent, according to research from RealFacts. "The demand is created by the employment and knowing that, a lot of developers piled into the area where there's huge demand and not a [...]

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Survey: Installing LED Lights Is A Top Priority In 2014

Any eco-friendly initiative may long overdue, but once it is deemed a success, more communities are likely to follow suit. This year's latest trend is expected to be the rise of LED lights on city streets. Recently, we talked about how the installation of LED lights has been on the horizon for New York City and Providence, but research [...]

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