How Apple Plans To Implement Environmental Office Solutions

In the Bay Area, major tech companies like Twitter and Square are building new headquarters with environmental office solutions in mind. Apple is slated to complete construction of its 2.8 million square-foot structure in 2016, the Telegraph reported. Apple's Campus 2, commonly known as the spaceship office, may be large in size, but the plans for the structure include an [...]

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Trulia: Rent In San Francisco Up 10 Percent

In San Francisco, where housing continues to be a significant cost for the aspiring entrepreneurs who flock to the city, there is no shortage of indications that demand for real estate in prime locations continues to outstrip the supply. Trulia, one of the most popular residential real estate websites, released its rent monitor for the month of October and found [...]

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Rhode Island Rolls Out Streetlight Purchase Program

Across many parts of the United States, the streetlights that help commuters get home with ease are not owned by the communities in which they live, but rather local utility companies. Because of this, prices are harder to control, the Providence Journal reported. Control of streetlights by the National Guard has made it harder for Rhode Island residents to install [...]

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California Passes Urban Farming Act

Across the Golden State, especially San Francisco, more locals are beginning to grow their own crops, but with little green spaces to work from, it has become hard to sustain operations once roots begin to expand. However, urban farmers can continue increasing their sustainable efforts thanks to the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act, the Huffington Post reported. The new law [...]

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Study: Cubicles Make Employees ‘Miserable’

There is such a variety of ways business furniture is designed that executives have the option to build their headquarters any way they'd like. Despite such choices, a large share of businesses go back on one of two ways: cubicles and open-floor plans. While there may be benefits of going with either direction, a study from the University of [...]

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How Small Details Can Impact Worker Productivity

A business' headquarters come in a variety of designs, creating an environment that encourages comfort and productivity, and greatly improving a team's overall output. Though some factors like upcoming holidays and deadlines may greatly change the overall culture, those events are not a common occurrence. In fact, there are ways to keep the team's spirits high, and it doesn't cost [...]

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How Office Design Can Reinforce A Company’s Brand

In San Francisco, larger tech companies that were once startups are designing unique offices that represent their brand. Square, for example, took the space of a former Bank of America data center and repurposed the space to express the mobility of their application. While this move is more common in the Bay Area, many businesses have not taken the time [...]

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Study: ‘Entrepreneurial Ecosystem’ Is Strong In U.S.

In the Bay Area, the local economy continues to move past the lulls of the dotcom boom, bust and recession. Entrepreneurial spirit among business owners and investors has helped encourage this economic growth. In fact, the United States ranked the highest for entrepreneurial culture and access to financing.  It should be no surprise that these this type of professional environment [...]

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San Francisco Creates ‘Adult Playgrounds’ Downtown

Although the Bay Area is largely recognized as a technology hub that encourages innovation, the overall landscape of San Francisco and neighboring communities may appear like any other urban neighborhood. Filled with skyscrapers, shopping districts and historical attractions, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee wanted to change that. A collaboration between the Office of Civic Innovation and the Exploratorium, a science [...]

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New York City Will Switch To LED Light Bulbs

Americans now more than ever are pursuing green recycling initiatives to reduce unnecessary waste. The government is striving to reduce adverse environmental impact as well. Whether that be by repurposing old items for new uses or using more energy-efficient products, the government's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in four years isn't going to be easy, according [...]

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